Too Busy To Call?

After a day of shoe shopping with Halle, Olivia goes home to prepare for a dinner date with Shawn.  She cooks up something nice and waits for his arrival, but he doesn't show up until the early morning.
Olivia- "It's one in the morning, dinner was at eight."
Shawn- "Some things came up."
Olivia- "Like what?"
Shawn- " agent had me doin' phone interviews and it took longer than we thought."
Olivia- "You could have called."
Shawn- "I did."
Olivia- "I received not one call from you."
Shawn- "Then something must be wrong with your phone."
Olivia- *eye roll*
Shawn- "What?!"
Olivia- "I'm gonna get back to bed, that's what!"
Shawn walks toward Olivia's bedroom.
Shawn- "Let's go, I'm tired too."
Olivia- "I don't think so, there's a bed at your place."
Shawn- "Olivia don't be like that."
Olivia- "And how is that?"
Shawn- "Actin' like you all mad.  I told you what happened!"
Olivia- "I have a right to be upset!  I was expecting you five hours ago, now you show up  here with some nonsense."
Shawn makes his way towards the front door.
Shawn- "Look, I'ma catch up with you tomorrow when you cool off."
Olivia- "How about we just cool off, period?!"
Shawn stops in his tracks and turns to face Olivia.

Olivia- "I'll see you around."
Shawn- "You really doin' this?"
Olivia- "...Yes."
After a long silence...

Shawn- "You're right Olivia.  I didn't call you and I should of.  Time just got away from me."

Olivia- "Thank you for your honesty, but it's a little too late...good-bye Shawn."
After a few minutes, Shawn exits the condo.  Olivia watches him leave and starts to feel a twinge of sadness.  Unsure if she made the right decision.  She really enjoyed Shawn's company, but his story doesn't sound completely legit to her.  She reminded herself- "Five Hours", then made a cup of tea and headed back to bed.


  1. Hmm, I don't believe him, why couldn't he call her to say he was busy??

    1. Hi Leticia. You're exactly right. He should've called. Thanks!

  2. Stay strong Olivia! And definitely trust your intuition. It wasn't until I started to stand firmly on my belief in me and my principals that I found the right person for me to date. Trust and respect should be a standard and an expectation not an exception! Go Olivia! Mr. Right is coming girl...HOLD ON!!! lol

    1. Well said, Veda! Thanks for watching.

  3. Plus, unless he's doing International business... who is on calls until 1 in the morning?

    Admittedly though, I don't know what his job is... so maybe it really is a job thing? Still he lied right off the bat about the phone call, that's never a good sign.

    1. Hi Heather. Shawn is a professional basketball player. Yeah, you've gotta keep your eyes on guys like that. Thanks!

  4. I'm with Veda because once she starts accepting one act of inconsiderate behavior, he'll be puling more stunts and she'll be accepting less than what she deserves. Way to stand your ground Olivia and if he was telling the truth and really likes her, he will do what it takes to make it up to her.

    Love these stories!!!

  5. It's bad enough that he lied to her but then tried to make it somehow her phones fault. I hope she keeps him kicked out. He's trifling.

    1. Thanks Muff. That was very well said. Yeah, he's full of excuses.

  6. Yes, that was real lame, Shawn. How are you going to show up at 1am thinking that's okay. Come on, dude. Get it together. Come on over to Morristown. I have a team over here that can show you how to treat a woman.

    1. Yes, very lame! I have a few men that need shaping up. Thanks Vanessa!

  7. Hello from Spain: a very real story. Olivia has intuition and know that he is cheating on, right? I really like their outfits. The chairs are beautiful. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. You can't beat a woman's intuition. Take care!


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