Disney Princess Royal Vanity Set

Hey everyone, this is my most recent dollie purchase and I'm really loving the new items in the princess collection!
Photos of the vanity set below...
I fell in love with the tray instantly!  It's a great size and multi usage.
Before trying it out with a few other items, I used it for it's obvious reason; switching out the beauty products with some of my own.
I played around with it some more, setting up a breakfast buffet

and a décor piece for a coffee table.

Great accessory set at 6.99. :)
Thanks for looking!


  1. Hello from Spain: a very nice purchase. I like the use you make of the tray. Keep in touch

  2. Christie: Oh that's lovely! The tray looks amazing with each of your changes to what it's carrying! I wonder if I can convince Heather to get a tray? I'm not sure... she just got us some pajamas... and there is a boy moving in! ... although man, his posing is awful. Poor Ken bodies, they're so... stiff *giggle*

    1. Halle: Thanks Christie! I absolutely love the tray. It's sure to be my go to piece for entertaining guests. Oh, and congrats on your new roommate! I know many of the Ken bodies aren't the best at posing, but I'm sure there's a way to work around his stiffness. ;)

  3. Cool accessory - I love how you use it for different purposes. Thanks for sharing ;-)


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