Hangin' With The Family

When Halle arrives at her parent's house, she finds her mother and sister in the kitchen preparing to make cupcakes.  She joins in, assisting where ever she can and chats away.
Lisa- "It sounds like Bora Bora was nice."
Halle- "It was amazing!  The beaches were beautiful."
Alex- "Yeah, but was it steamy?"
Lisa- *shakes head* "Oh dear."
Halle- *blushing* "Yes."
Alex- "Looks like it was extra steamy."
Lisa- "How is he doing?"
Halle- "Good.  He's been such a sweetheart.  So patient, putting up with my crazy work week."
Lisa- "Good for him, you need to support each other."
Alex- "Can't you maintain the shop without having to be there?"
Halle- "I'm sure I can, but I want to be there.  Plus I'm still in the building stages."
Alex- "I think I can do the housewife thing."
Lisa- "Speaking of which...well sort of, we need to talk."
Alex- "What is it?"
Lisa- "We'll talk later."
Alex- "Are you and dad about to kick me out?"
Lisa- "Not just yet, but we would like for you to find proper work."
Alex- "I've had a couple of auditions and nothing.  It's not easy, but I have been trying."
Halle- "Are you still with the same agent?"
Alex- "Yeah and he is the worst!  I guess I should look for a new one."
Lisa- "Maybe it's time to look for something more steady."
Alex- "I need more time."
Lisa- "We'll talk when your father gets home."
Halle- "Where is he?"
Lisa- "Fishing trip."
Halle- "Oh, I wanted to say hi.  Will he be back anytime soon?"
Lisa- "It'll be later in the evening around eight."
Halle- "I'll be back in the city by then, I'll just call him before I go to bed."
Alex- "You have a spare bedroom right?"

Halle- "Yeeeesssssss..."


  1. Hello from Spain, wow wow, the two sisters at the same house. This Will create problems. I like the tea set. I like that mother, what Barbie is the mother? I like see the three girls into the kitchen. Nice pics... Keep in touch

    1. Marta you're right and Halle doesn't need any problems right now. Hopefully, Alex will just get it together. The mother is the All My Children Erica Kane doll.

  2. LOL, Alex wastes no time. I think Alex needs to find her some roommates because Dean and Halle, don't need the drama. :)

    1. Yeah, Alex is right on it. Hopefully the idea of roommates will spark in her head. With her...I don't know. :)

  3. Oh, no! Alex can't stay at her sister's home!! Halle needs to enjoy her new life with her husband alone! And Alex... Well, after what happened with John I don't trust her...

    1. I know, you would think Alex would have the courtesy not to even suggest moving in with Halle and her new husband! But, that's Alex for you. You make a good point with trust, however, I'm sure Halle feels Alex wouldn't betray her like that...hopefully.

  4. Just say no to crazy, drama-filled sisters. That's the last thing Halle and Dean need. Nice to see Lisa again.

    1. I'm hoping Halle says no, but she'll hate to see her out in the streets. Ugh, Alex just needs to get it together.

  5. By the way, I'm happy to see the "old Alex" back!! :)


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