At The Office With Dean & Shane

Dean talks with his assistant, Erica, who he's currently sharing with Shane until he's able to hire one for himself.  Shane's been working at Pinnacle Capital (an investment company owned by Dean's father) for three months, since leaving the military.  Three months is a long enough time to find an assistant, just saying.  What's Shane been doing...
Erica- "You have two more clients, then a board meeting."

Dean- "Whose my next client?"
Erica- "Ms. Kelly Johnson."
Dean- "For the bakery coffee shop?"
Erica- "Yes, here are the contracts."
Dean- "Thank you."
Erica- "You're welcome."

Shane- "Anymore clients for me today?"
Erica- *eye roll* "I don't think so."
Shane- "Can you check please?"
Erica- *huff* "Of course, I wouldn't want to lose my job.  You are after all the nephew of the owner."
Shane- "Erica, I'm sor..."

Erica- "Don't.  I'll double check to see if there's anyone else scheduled to see you today.  Oh, just to remind you, you are required to attend the board meeting.  So, if your appointments are done for today, it doesn't mean you can go running home to a sofa that needs to be replaced and a refrigerator full of beer and tv dinners."
Erica takes a seat and reverts her attention back to Dean.

Erica- "Dean, is there anything else I can do for you?"
Dean- "Ah...yeah, is Ms. Johnson here?"
Erica- "Yes."
Dean- "You can send her in."
Erica- "Right away."
Dean- "Thank you."
Erica leaves the office.

Dean- "Erica?  Really?!"
Shane- "What do you want me to say?!  It didn't work out.  I've tried to smooth things over."
Dean- "Look, Erica's exceptional at her job, so if it ever comes down to you or her...I're family and all...but, I don't know, it might just be a toss up."
Shane- *grins* "A toss up?!"
Dean- *grins* "She's that good and I want to keep her."
A few moments later, Ms. Kelly Johnson enters the office.
Dean- "Hello Ms. Johnson."
Kelly- "Hello Mr. Waverly, it's nice to see you again."
Dean- "Likewise", Dean points in Shane's direction, "This is Shane Waverly and he's one of the team members."
Kelly walks over to properly introduce herself.
Kelly- "Hello, it's really nice to meet you."
Shane- "You too."
Kelly then takes a seat.
Dean- "I'm not going to keep you long.  I brought you back in to let you know, that we would be honored to invest in your business."
Kelly- "Oh my goodness!  This is the best news!"
Over the next thirty minutes, they go over the elements of her contract and Dean advises Kelly to have her lawyer look over everything.  So, they set up another future appointment to sign.
Kelly- "Thanks again!  This is truly amazing."
Dean- "You're welcome and call me if you have any questions."
Kelly- "Will do."
Before leaving the office, Kelly turns and says good-bye to Shane.

Shane- "Wow, she's beautiful."
Dean- "Lay off, she's a client."
While Shane stood there mesmerized by Kelly, Dean starts to prepare for his next client.


  1. Hello from Spain, i like Kelly is wearing. I like men outfits. I like black shirt. Congratulations to Kelly... Keep in touch

  2. Great job I love the waverlys I got addicted to it I have seen all episodes except season 1 episodes 15 and 16 how could I see this episodes hopefully I could get help with this thank u and great job love the waverlys

    1. Hi Diana, I'm glad that you're enjoying the story :) I uploaded eps. 15 and 16 here-

  3. Dean and Shane look great together. Oh Shane.... I guess he couldn't help himself. Erica gave him an ear full.

  4. The things with Erica and Shane are a little... complicated!


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