Playing Catch Up + 2 New Team Members

Halle goes into the shop a few hours earlier than usual to tackle the piled up paperwork, unanswered emails, return phone calls and so forth.  Also, with Talia on a weeks vacation, Tish's resignation (due to her out of state move), Halle has hired new employees and scheduled an early morning orientation and training session.
A few hours later, as Halle finishes up, her new hires, Tiffany (So in Style doll) and Carra (Fashionista doll) arrive.
Halle- "Good morning ladies and welcome back to Elle La La."
Tiffany- "Good morning."
Carra- "It's nice to be back."
After hellos and introductions, Halle gives them a tour of the shop.  She leads them to the back pointing out the break room, rest rooms, time clock and emergency exit.
Once they make their way back to the front, Halle reminds them where her office is located and points out the fitting rooms in the corner of the shop.  Then she puts them on the registers for some hands on training.
Halle had Tiffany and Carra do a few mock transactions, which they nailed.
Halle- "Great job ladies."
Carra- "I've been doing this forever!"
Tiffany- "Thank you."
Halle- "Any questions?"
Tiffany- "Yes, what's the return policy?"
Halle- "Fourteen days, with a receipt and it has to be in its original condition."
Tiffany- "Cool."
Carra- "Wow!  Fourteen days is long."
Halle- "I think it's pretty fair."
Carra- "I know a lot of girls that like to wear their new clothes with the tags on and then want to bring 'em back.  I say three days max.  It's hard for many of 'em to get back to make a return that quick."
Halle- "If that becomes an issue, we'll have to rethink our return policy."
Carra- "That's all I'm saying."
Halle- "By the way, if you do have a return or exchange, you'll have to call myself or Talia, who you'll meet next week, to authorize it."
Tiffany- "Is that the supervisor?"
Halle- "Yes."
Carra- "Why won't we meet her until next week?"
Halle- "She's on vacation."
Carra- "Oh!"
Halle- "Any other questions in regards to the checkout procedures?"
Tiffany- "No."
Carra- "Nope."
For the next twenty minutes Halle familiarized the ladies with the shop policies, dress code, attendance and expectations.
Halle- "Any questions?"
Carra- "Yeah, when do we get paid?"
Halle- "Biweekly on Fridays and you can either pick up your check here in the shop or have it direct deposited."
Carra- "No, I'll pick mine up."
Tiffany- "I would like to do the direct deposit."
Halle- "Sure, I'll give you the paperwork and have it done first thing tomorrow morning."
Tiffany- "Thank you."
Halle- "You're welcome.  Any other questions?"
Carra- "Nope."
Tiffany- "No."
With no more questions, Halle closes out the orientation and training session.
Tiffany leaves and is due back at 2pm, while Carra stays to work the morning shift alongside Halle.


  1. Love the new shop and the new employees. Carra was a little bold to question Halle's return policy.

  2. Awsome story! Im glad to see Halle back to work and doing what she loves to do! The two new employees are darling! i think they will both work out!

  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I like the new employees. They are very cool. The decor of the store is very glamorous. Halle is beautiful. Keep in touch

  4. WOW! The shop doesn't even look like a 1/6 diorama, it looks REAL. I'm sooo jelly, you got the new Chandra. She's on my list, her and the new Marisa are definite must haves. Congrats and everything looks very...Ell La La, LOL. :)

  5. Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone! :)


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