Later In The Evening...

As Halle closes up shop and heads home, Dean prepares dinner.
Halle makes it home after working a fourteen hour shift.
Halle- "Mmmm, smells good", while she places her bag and scarf on the table.
Dean- *smile* "Hey you."
They meet each other halfway and kiss.
Halle- "I missed you."
Dean- "Likewise, I thought I was gonna have to come get you myself."
Halle- "Six more days."
Dean- "Too long."
Dean makes his way back to the stove to check on the meat and Halle follows behind him.
Halle- "I know, but it'll be over before you know it."
Dean- "Can't wait."
Halle- "Well, I'm going to go take a nice hot shower."
Dean- "Okay, dinner will be done soon."
Halle- "Thanks for cooking babe."
She gives him a kiss, grabs her things and heads for the shower.
Thirty Minutes Later
 Dean is done cooking and fixes both their plates.
Halle emerges from the bedroom and they sit down to have dinner.
Halle- "How was your day?"
Dean- "It was good.  I hit the course with Shane, my dad and a few of my buddies."
Halle- "And how are they doing?"
Dean- "Good, everyone sends their hellos.  Oh, Olivia was there."
Halle- "Golfing!?"
Dean- "Yeah, she was there with my buddy Landon."
Halle- "What about Shawn?"
Dean- "Don't know, you'll have to ask her."
Halle- "Oh no, I hope everything's fine."
Dean- "I'm sure things are fine."
Dean- "More for you?"
Halle- "No thanks.  I'm going to head to bed."
Dean- "Okay, I'll take your plate."
Halle- "Thank you."


  1. Oh I wish I had a handsome man like dean cooking for me!!! Love this couple very very much!!

  2. HellO from Spain, Dean is very friendly. I like to cook IT well. A Delicious meal. I really like this marriage. Nice clothes and furniture. Keep in touch


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