Bora Bora Here We Come

Halle and Dean arrive at the airport.
 Agent- "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Waverly, unfortunately your flight has been slightly delayed."
Halle- "Will we still be able to make our connecting flight?"

 Agent- "Let's see," as she types.  "This flight is delayed by an hour and I see that you'll have a three hour layover at LAX.  So you'll make your connecting flight!"
Dean- "Good, thank you."
 Agent- "You're welcome!  Please let me know if you have any other questions."
Dean- "Okay."
Halle- "Thank you."
Halle's cellphone rings on the way to their seats.  She digs it out of her tote.
 Halle- *grin* "It's my mom."
Dean- "Tell her I said hi.  I'm gonna find us something to eat."
Halle- "Ah good!  I'm starving."
Dean gives her a kiss before walking off.  She takes a seat and answers her phone.
 Halle- "Hey mom!"
 Lisa- "Hello dear!  Just checking on you two."
Halle- "We're fine.  We're actually at the airport now."
Lisa- "What time does your flight leave?"
Halle- "It's delayed an hour, so around 11:30."
Lisa- "Oh goodness!  The airport is such a pain."
Halle- "It's fine, it's only an hour."
Lisa- "Well, it's nice that you're so patient.  You must get that from your father."
Halle- "I'm not looking forward to the layovers though."
Lisa- "And you get that from me."
Halle- *giggles* and seconds later "Oh, Dean says hi."
Lisa- "Tell him I said hello.  Is he there?"
Halle- "No, he went to grab food."
Lisa- "No breakfast at the hotel?"
Halle- "Umm...we kind of missed it."
Lisa- "Oh goodness."
 Halle- "Mom, I'll call you later.  Dean's back with the food."
Lisa- "Okay dear, you two be safe and have fun."
Halle- "We will, love you."
Lisa- "Love you."
Halle hangs up with her mom and the smell of the food gives her hunger pains.

 Halle- "Mmmm, smells good."
Dean- "They were still serving breakfast, so pancakes or sausage cheese biscuit?"
Halle- "Pancakes."
Dean- "Here you go."

 Halle- "Thanks babe."
Dean- "Sure."
They ate their food, watched the cooking show and an hour and thirty minutes later, they were in the air.


  1. I love the airport. It looks so real. Where did you get the food and her outfit from?

    1. Thank you! The food is the Drive n' Go rement set that I found on ebay. Her outfit- Pants are from Barbie basics, Sweater is from the Kenya doll and I made the scarf and tote bag.

  2. I love the airport. Where did you get the food wrappers?

    1. Thank you! They are from the Drive n' Go rement set.


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