Saying Goodbye

Hey everybody.  This is a final tour of the first dioramas I've ever built for the series.  It was constructed for Halle, the main character.  As we know, she's getting married and moving into Dean's place.  So, it was time to break it down and say goodbye.  Which was hard to do.  I am really going to miss this place :'(  So bright and cheery!

The kitchen was my favorite.
The bedroom...well, I may have went a little overboard with the pink tones.  I remember I found the bedding fabric first and when I saw the matching scrapbook paper, I was over the moon.
Another thing that I'll be saying goodbye to is the Dollies Series itself.  The wedding is the final episode.  This was surely not an easy decision to make.  There were a lot of factors when making this decision.  The main one being the time, that I really don't have much of since starting the series almost two years ago.
So, I was forced to cut back a bit.
I will continue blogging about a few characters, Dean and Halle being one and I have yet to decide on another.
Thank You to everyone that has followed and supported the series.


  1. It was a great place and a great series. A lot of us are going through stuff and taking a step back. Best of luck to you!!!

  2. I understand your decision, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't completely sad to see this. First, Dani and now you. :( Huge bummer. But life calls, and I will still follow your blog and facebook. *hugs*

  3. I so understand Adrian. Dollies Series will be truly missed. I am one who keeps hope maybe just maybe one day Dollies Series will return. : ). I do look forward to the wedding and seeing your new characters. I will continue to follow. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Hi Adrian. Sad to see Dollies Series go, but you must do what's best for you. I'll look forward to reading your posts when you make them. Best regards.

  5. Hello from Spain: Are you going to close down this blog with dioramas? I hope to keep working with your scenes and characters because your creations are always gorgeous ... Halle's apartment was always inspiring to my house Barbies. It was a great series about dollies... I hope you come back ... Keep in touch

  6. It was so much fun, sometimes we have to brake with the old in order to start someting new.
    That's life.

  7. Thanks for the kind words and understanding. It really made me feel a whole lot better. And Marta, to answer your question, I will continue to blog from this blog. Thanks everyone.

  8. Wow! an era gone by. I really enjoyed the series.

    We never know what the future might bring so I will keep a bag of popcorn ready just in case.

    Thanks for all of the fun.:-)


  9. As long as Youtube stays alive I'm still going to enjoy this series, new episodes or not. You produced some wonderful stories!

  10. The series was great while it lasted.

  11. The series had many great moment. Adrian, I totally understand so please don't worry about a thing! I guess the fate of my show needs to head down the line as well. I will read your blog because I love your work and you!

  12. I'm only 11years old please keep going I wish I had beautiful things for my dollies


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