Dollies: Season 3-Ep13

Halle finishes packing up her apartment and days later it's the night before the wedding!  So, she makes her way to the hotel accompanied by her parents.



  1. Nice video! Loved the music. Halle is going to be a beautiful bride! Looking forward to the wedding.

  2. Hello from Spain: I adore Halle and their parents. The mother is wearing a very pretty dress. I feel a little sad when she picks up her apartment. The hotel room is gorgeous. Your creations are the best ... I also saw the end result of the dollhouse that you painted. I also I have but I do not dare to change their color. Your doing a great job! . Keep in touch

  3. Super excited for Halle & Dean on their day. Just based on that gorgeous hotel room, I know the wedding is going to be beautiful. :)


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