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I've missed you guys.♥
Here's an update on some of the characters.
It's been a year...
Halle Waverly
Halle has been a stay at home mom.  And she's been smashing her motherly duties and absolutely LOVES being a mother.  Okay, so it hasn't always been great.  She and Dean have had quite a few hiccups here and there, along with a lot of sleepless nights.  But they've managed to get a rhythm going...somewhat.

Dean Waverly
His father has retired and left him in charge of the investment company.  He still co-owns Dee & Jay's Sports Bar with his buddy, Jessie.

Delilah Waverly

Not being able to find work in New York with her new law degree...well, that's not entirely true.  Her brother offered her a position at the company and she turned it down.  Not too long after, she was offered a job in Georgia, packed her bags and moved.

Alex Stacey

Alex is having the time of her life.  She's living in California, has 1 major film and 2 independent ones under her belt.  In a few months she flies back home to New York to shoot her 2nd major film and couldn't be happier.  Her main squeeze, Mark, is still in her life, and he is just smitten.

Shane Waverly and Kelly Johnson

These 2 are officially a couple.  It was a long courtship and well worth it.  They are happy together.

Shane is still at the investment company and Kelly at Mocha Velvet Cafe.

Carissa Collins and Jessie Vander
Carissa and Jessie attempted to get back together a few weeks after their split, but it just never worked out.  They made a mutual decision to always be friends.

 Jessie is in a new relationship with Rebecca.  They've been dating for 2 months.

As stated earlier, Jessie still co-owns Dee & Jay's Sports Bar with Dean and business is good.

Carissa said the heck with love and dived deeper into her work.  She hasn't dated anyone since Jessie.

Melissa Middlebrooks
Her boyfriend, Mason, proposed and she said YES!
Their wedding day.  He is crazy about her and she couldn't ask for a better man.

Their beautiful blended family.

Her girls show love.

Nicole & Tony Hunt

These 2 lovebirds later moved to Florida to be closer to family.

Olivia Brown
Olivia and Landon are still very much an item.

And she's been killing it at work.

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading.  Hope you enjoyed the update!

Family Photo

Halle & Dean with their little one.

All are doing well!


Happy New Year

XO Adrian

Updates & Announcements

Hey guys.  I'm sorry to say that I'll be ending the story.  The time has become somewhat of an issue for me.  This post is the second to the last.  Thanks so much for sticking with my dollies and I. ♥


Halle and Dean prepare their daughter's room.

Carissa and Jessie sit down to talk about the status of their relationship.

They mutually decide to go their separate ways.

Kelly and Shane begin dating exclusively.

9 Months Pregnant

Halle arrives at her baby shower.

Her family and friends happily greet her.

They all sit down to eat, chat and play a few games.

Then end the night with Halle opening gifts.

Thanksgiving Night

Everyone has gathered at
Halle and Dean's home.

A few of the guys enjoy some football.

Delilah and Carissa's mom have another slice of pumpkin pie.

Halle, Dean and Naava (Dean's mother) are chatting when the doorbell rings.

Halle- "I'll get it."

Halle smiles- "Well, hey there superstar."
Alex- "Oh my gosh!  You're so adorable.  Hey Lil Alex."
Halle laughs- "You're relentless."

Halle invites Alex's guest inside and then Alex introduces him to everyone.  He's Mark Serta.

Halle shows them to the food.
Mark- "Looks great.  Thanks for having me."

Halle- "Sure.  And thanks for getting my sister home."

Mark- "Nothing to it.  She can fly with me anytime."

Mark- "She's good company."

Alex- "Don't I know it."

Halle smiles- "She really is.  If there's anything you need, just let me know."
Mark- "Thanks again."
Halle- "You're welcome."

Halle leaves them to do their thing.  She looks over and Carissa is FRANTICALLY washing something off her top.

Halle- "Carissa, what happened?"
Carissa- "I've spilled wine on myself!"

Carissa- "I was able to get most of it out, but now I'm soaking wet.  Do you have a top I can borrow?"
Halle- "Yeah, follow me."

They make it upstairs to Halle and Dean's bedroom closet.

Halle- "Mom!  I cannot believe you're actually snooping!"
Lisa- "Ummm..."

Lisa- "Oh, this isn't the bathroom.  Excuse me."

She hurries out the closet and had no luck with finding the envelope.  Halle just laughs it off and digs through her clothes for a top.

Halle- "How's this?"
Carissa- "That works."

She throws it on.  They are about to leave, but Halle stops and turns around.

Halle- "Um, Carissa, is everything okay?"
Carissa- "Huh?  Why do you ask?"

Halle- "Well, you were putting a beating to your top and um...you know, you seem different."
Carissa- "No...no, I'm fine.  Nothing wrong here."
Halle- "Oh, well, my mistake."

Halle- "But, you know I'm here if you ever want to talk."
Carissa- "I know.  Nothing's wrong, really."

They leave it at that and make their way downstairs.

Much Later

The women gather in the living room and chat away.

The men enjoy the last game of the evening.

Thanksgiving Dinner Comes to an End
All the guests have gone home.

Halle and Dean are about to get ready for bed.  But, first...

Halle with the envelope in hand- "I can't take it anymore!  I have to know."

Dean- "You really wanna look?"
Halle- "I so do."

Dean smiles- "Let's do it."
He opens the envelope and grins- "We're having a girl!"

Halle sheds tears of joy.  They finally know and it feels amazing.
Dean- "I love you."
Through her tears- "I love you too."

Dean leans in and plants a kiss.

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