Taking Care of Business

Halle and Dean are on their...
*Not long ago Dean, Shane & Miles (Dean's father) collaborated with Clark Gilbert & Co. on a high rise in Miami.  Well, it's complete, so a celebratory party was planned.
Kelly and Kiko post up outside of the bakery handing out free samples.

Sampler- "Wow, can I try 1?"
Kelly- "Of course."
Sampler- "Whoa, these are really amazing!"
Kiko- "They're the best cupcakes in town!"
Sampler- "Can I have 1 more?"
Kelly- "Absolutely."
Kiko- "I hope you come back to visit us and let all your friends and family know."
Sampler- "Done and done."
Alex works her model job.
When she's done, she grabs a quick bite to eat and goes over to the movie audition.
The room is packed, but Alex keeps her nerves in check and practices her lines.
Halle & Dean arrive in Miami.

They claim their bags and catch a taxi to the hotel.


  1. I love Alex's modeling pic. It is really cool how you use one picture to tell a full story.

  2. I hope Kelly will make good business.


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