Party Time

Halle and Dean arrive at their hotel.  They relax for a while, then get dressed and make their way to the party.
There are about 50 guests, the music is booming and the lights are low.  The Waverly and Gilbert's occupy the 2 tables in the corner.  Dinner has already been served.
Dean's been working the room and finally takes a seat.
Halle- "I'm so proud of you."
Dean smiles- "Thanks babe."

She kisses him.

Olivia and her boyfriend, Landon, enjoy themselves.

Miles dances with his daughter, Delilah.
(*Quick update: Delilah has been looking for a job since her graduation, but hasn't had any luck.)

Brandy strikes up a conversation with Naava (Dean's mother).
(*Side note: Halle and Brandy have avoided talking to each other.)

Halle, Dean, Olivia and Landon join Miles and Delilah on the dance floor!
Much Later...
Olivia- "I miss our lunches."
Halle- "Me too.  Do you think the girls would want to get back to it?"
Olivia- "I hope so."

Brandy- "Oh Ethan, you're better off without Alex.  She's evil.  I'll be there for you."

Clark looks on in disgust at his wife.

Then he looks over at Halle and wonders about Alex.

Clark (who may have had a bit too much to drink)- "Alex...a freaking heartbreaker, right?"

Halle- "Excuse me?"
Clark- "She broke mine, she broke Ethan's and now my heart is breaking again...I want her back...
No!  I don't want her."

Clark- "She'll make me miserable like my wife over there, WHO CAN'T KEEP HER STINKING HANDS OFF MY BROTHER!"

Olivia- "You're gonna have to calm down."

Dean- "Clark, what's going on?"

Clark jerks back- "Don't touch me!"

Dean- "What's the problem?"
Clark- "You want to know what the problem is Mr. Dean?"

Clark- "I got her!  She's the worst wife in the freaking world.  She's lazy, mean...I see the way she looks at you.  But, she has this...this...this hold over me.  I can't break free from her spell.  She's like a witch."

Clark- "I envy you dude.  I'll take your beautiful wife any day."
Dean- "Alright Clark, chill out."

Clark- "Look at know, I think I went after the wrong sister.  Mmm, look at those lips."
Dean shoves him off- "That's enough."
Clark- "Wow, it's just a compliment."

Halle- "Honey."
Naava- "Dean."

Clark- "Mmm, soft skin."

Dean hits him- "Don't touch her!"

Halle- "Dean, please don't."
Dean- "Halle move."

Halle- "How about we take a walk?"
Miles- "Son, take a minute."
Halle and Dean leave the building.

Brandy- "You're pathetic."
Clark- "Just get out of my life!"

Brandy- "I'll see you in court."
Clark- "I have the best lawyers you witch lady.  You'll get nothing!"
Much Much Later...
Halle and Dean rejoin the party after a relaxing walk on the beach.
It's after 2am and many of the guests have left.  The Waverly's are among the few remaining.

They talk, laugh and enjoy a few more cocktails.


  1. Very nice episode! I loved it!

  2. Awesome episode! Thank goodness that Alex wasn't there or it would have went nuclear up in there. Clark cant hold his liquor or his women.

  3. I was at this place and I admired the clientele, we talked it over and decided to get dinner here instead of going to another place that may already be packed to the gills.
    best sports bar nyc

  4. Awesome episode! Clark is a hot mess, Lol..."witch lady" too funny. Clark's gonna be majorly embarrassed once his hangover wears off. :-)

  5. Wow! Great episode. I think that dean was in the right to defend his wife like he did. Clark really needs to reevaluate his life and make better choices.

  6. Team Dean!! He did the right thing defending Halle. Clark needs to sort himself out. Awesome episode, anxiously waiting for the next!

  7. love this episode can't wait for the next one.

  8. Hello from Spain: He did the right thing defending Halle. Very cool photos. Great party and outfits. Keep in touch

  9. Muito bom. Muito movimentado. Adorei!

  10. Oh no. My Dean is fighting! I'm glad he didn't get hurt. Poor Clark. He should have stayed away from the liquor. Nothing like making a fool of yourself in front of friends and family. Great job on the party setting. It's the perfect party mood.

  11. Good job Dean, protected your girl.

  12. And I'm so happy that Olivia and Landon are still together too

  13. This set looks so good! and very romantic

  14. Thanks for all the comments guys!! ;D

  15. love this doll show it is awesome :-)


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