Alex, Carissa and Halle Hangout

Alex has just finished talking about how much she loved her surprise from Ethan and giving him a key to her place.
Carissa- "Wow, a key?  That's big."
Alex- "Well, I can see us going the distance."

Halle- "Like to the sound of wedding bells?"
Alex- "You never know.  Granted we have issues to work out.  Cheating on him with his brother was a setback."

Carissa- "Oh Alex, you didn't."
Alex- "I did.  It's nothing I can't handle."
 Carissa- "Well, be patient.  Trust isn't the easiest thing to repair."

Halle- "That's true.  You've been here for 45 minutes and he's already called you twice."
Carissa- "And once in the car."

Alex- "Like I said, we have our issues."

Alex- "How are you and that Amber girl getting along?"
Halle- "She seems to still be upset about the demotion."
Carissa- "So, what does she want, her original job back?"
Halle- "Looks that way and that isn't happening."

Alex- "Just demote her again to unemployed, that'll solve that problem."
Halle- "I can't fire her.  I'll feel so guilty."

Halle- "She's already been through a broken engagement with Jessie and now to be unemployed.  That's a lot to deal with, especially when she came to me for help."

Alex- "Puh-leaze!  She's a big girl.  You owe her nothing."
Carissa- "Alex is right on this one, Halle."

Halle- "It'll work itself out."
Alex- "Hmm, what on earth was Jessie thinking?"

Carissa- "There's obviously something he loved about her."
Alex- "Well, whatever it was, he loved his money more.  No prenup, no marriage."
The conversation later shifts to Carissa's love life.
Carissa- "I have a date with Oliver tomorrow evening."
Halle- "Oh boy."

Alex- "Oliver?  Is this the doctor?"
Carissa- "Yeah, that's him."

Halle- "So, you've decided to move forward with him?"
Alex- "What did I miss?"

Carissa- "He's a tad bit pushy."

Halle- "A tad?  I remember you using the words hounded you with personal questions, on the first date nonetheless.  How it made you completely uncomfortable."

Carissa- "I get it Halle.  You're not that fond of him."
Halle- "Well, neither are you."
Carissa- "I called him."

Halle- "You're settling?"
Carissa- "Halle really?"
Alex- "Okay, what does your gut say?"
Halle- "Please be honest."

Carissa- "Um, well, to run."
Alex- "Then why the heck are you going out with him?"
Carissa- "My gut could be wrong."

Halle- "Carissa, please trust your instincts."
The ladies talk awhile longer, then say goodnight.


  1. The girls are your gut Carissa. Loving Halle's house, looks amazing.

  2. Oh geez Halle. I know she means well, and is right about Oliver, but sometimes she needs to take advice too! I'm glad that Alex has found someone, but I hope they won't get hung up on the past.

    1. Completely agree. Halle certainly needs to realize it's a 2 way street and although, I'm pulling for Alex and Ethan to be happy together, it could so easily go the other way.

  3. \0/ Voltou!! Torcendo por Carissa.

  4. carissa walk away and dont look back.

  5. Hello from Spain: great house. Fabulous outfits.- point well taken. Keep in touch

  6. I agree with everyone. Carissa needs to let that go before it even gets started. Alex is really growing up. Lol!

    1. I'm so proud of Alex. It's finally happening. Lol

  7. I think she shouldn't give Oliver a chance. He seems to be moving way to fast. If you want a relationship to work, you should take your time to get to no each other

    1. I couldn't agree more. It's a huge red flag when someone's extra speedy.


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