Moving Day

Dean and Halle are finally moving house!  And they have enlisted family and friends to give them a hand.
Naava, Miles, Michael and Shane help out in the living room and kitchen.
Imari assists Dean in the bedroom.

Lisa and Alex take care of the guest room.
Carissa and Jessie tackle the terrace.  Well, Carissa was on the terrace and Jessie joined her, thinking it was a good opportunity to catch up.
(Side note:  It's been 3 days since Carissa's breakfast with Oliver.  He's called twice, but see hasn't returned any of them as of yet.)
Jessie- "How've you been?"
Carissa- "Things have been okay, how about yourself?"
Jessie- "Can't complain."
Carissa- "That good, huh?"
Jessie- *grin* "They're okay."
Olivia steps onto the terrace- "I'll take this."
Carissa- "I got this one."
Olivia- "Asked her out yet?"
Jessie- "What do you mean?"
Olivia- "Oh please, it's so obvious.  You've been on her heels since you got here."
Jessie- "Is it really that obvious?"
Olivia- "Yup."
Many Hours Later
Everything has been removed from the condo and into their new home.

Everyone takes a moment to relax, while Halle makes a phone call to Paradise Pizza and orders up the works.

The food arrives and it is devoured, not too long after, little by little, everyone begins to leave.  Jessie doesn't get a chance to ask Carissa out.
Halle and Dean are now alone and too exhausted to move, so they just relax on the back porch a few hours longer.


  1. Come on Jessie...better ask her out fast before Dr. Handsome gets another date. :-)

  2. Cute story! Family and friends are the best movers!

  3. great job on that princess dinning room set. Spray paint?


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