In the Kitchen with Carissa and Alex

After leaving the café, Alex accompanied Carissa to the grocery store.  Then they
made their way to Carissa's place.
Carissa- "Why not sign with a modeling agency?"
Alex- "Their take percentage is too high."

Carissa- "Something is better than nothing."
Alex- "Yeah, heaven knows I could use some cash flow...I'll see what I can find."

Carissa- "What ever happened to dancing?  Isn't that what you went to school for?"
Alex- "Um, no one seems to want to hire me lately."
Carissa- "Hmmm, did you do something to someone?"
Alex- "That's not cool to assume that Carissa."

Carissa- "I've seen you dance and you're super talented, so that can't be it."
Alex- "I may or may not have gotten a bad reputation."

Carissa- "Alex, are you going to take your career more seriously?  Or is this just wasted time?"
Alex- "Carissa, yes I'm serious."

Carissa- "Good."
Alex- "Okay, enough about me.  It's your turn in the hot seat."
Alex- "How's the love life?"
Carissa- "Um..."

Alex- "Oh is that off limits?"
Carissa- "No, I just wasn't expecting that question."
Alex- "Well?"

Carissa- "There's nothing to talk about.  I'm completely and utterly single."

Alex- "What happened to the blonde from the New Year's party?"
Carissa- "Over."

Alex- "No one since him?"
Carissa- "Nope."

Carissa- "And I'm finally fine with that.  I've been focused on work, fixing up my home and taking care of me.  Yoga has been a dream."

Alex- "Yeah, that's all great, but it's still nice to have someone to tussle in the sheets with, even if it's just casual."

Carissa- "Tempting, but I'm not a casual kind of girl.  I'm not desperate for a man.  And I'm getting a cat."

Alex- "Lucky cat."

Carissa- "Ha ha very funny."


  1. Hello from Spain: Carissa's kitchen is very nice. I like your furniture. Nice pictures. Carissa gives Alex good advice. I want Alex to work soon. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. It finally looks like Alex is going to take some advice and get her act together.

  2. That's nice that these two have been able to come together on friendly terms. Hopefully Alex won't mess it up.

  3. Alex is hilarious! I'm glad these two seem to be getting along. Maybe Carissa will rub off on Alex career and responsibility wise and maybe Alex can help Carissa in the casual dating department, :-)

    1. Sounds like a plan. We'll see how it goes. :)

  4. I can't until Alex get a job. She really needs one. And I can't wait for Carissa finds a man


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