Lunch at Mocha Velvet

After placing her order and taking a seat, Halle decides to try Alex again.  No answer.

She hangs up and starts to take a bite from her sandwich when her phone rings.

She takes a quick glance at the screen- "Hey Carissa."
Carissa- "Hey, up for lunch?"
Halle- "Sure, I'm over at Mocha Velvet now.  Is that okay?"
Carissa- "Absolutely, I'll be there in fifteen minutes."
Halle- "Okay, see you then."
They hang up and Carissa makes a mental note to buy groceries.
She arrives at the Café
She orders up the bagel sandwich with a slice of cake and then takes her seat next to Halle.
Halle- "How are things with you?"
Carissa- "Love life is still blah, but work has been phenomenal."
Carissa tells Halle about all the great things that have been happening for her at work.  And that she'll be accepting an award for her achievements.  Halle congratulates her and promises to be there.
About 35 minutes later, Halle has to say goodbye and get back to work.  At that moment, Alex enters.

Alex- "She said no?!"
Halle- "Yes.  I'll talk to you about it later."

Alex- "Where are you going?  I need your help."

Halle- "Back to work.  I'll help you figure out a game plan some other time."

Alex- "I just got here."
Halle shouts back- "Alex, I have to go."
Alex flops down on the seat.

Alex- "Carissa."

Carissa- "Alex."
To Be Continued


  1. On gosh did u make the table at mocha velvet?? I love the design pattern of it! So art house!!! Loveeeee

    1. No, I wish! I found it at Hobby Lobby and added some legs to it. It's actually a small storage box.

  2. Hello from Spain: Alex is very pretty. I like the cafeteria. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. She really glammed herself up today. :)

  3. The show is still great. I keep looking for more. I always can't wait until the next one comes out.

  4. Love the look of Mocha Velvet. I think Alex is getting a little tired of Alex's flakiness...good for her.


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