First Date ~ Shane takes Kelly to the Carnival

Kelly- "Way to go."
Shane- *grin* "It looks like the seventh time's the charm."
Kelly laughs.

Carrie (Game Attendant)- "Which plush would you like?!"

Shane- "Your choice."

Kelly- "Umm, I'll take the bunny."

Carrie- "There you are!"
Kelly- "Thank you!"
They move on to miniature golf.
Shane- "Okay, I have one.  Kind of cheesy, but here goes.  What did they say to Simba when he was moving too slowly?"

Kelly- "Hmmm...not sure."

Shane- "Mufasa."

Kelly- *laughs* "Aww, that's adorable."
They continue to talk, while...
taking turns on golf.

Shane and Kelly then take time out for pizza and drinks.

Shane- "How has your day been so far?"
Kelly- "Great.  Work was a breeze and I'm having a good time now."

Shane- "Me too.  I'm happy that you came out tonight."

Kelly- "You know, I can't remember the last time I hung out like this."

Shane- "I'm up to help you continue to rectify that.  It's always nice to see your pretty face."

Kelly- *blush* "I'll keep that in mind."
They talk awhile longer, then it's time to go.

Shane helps Kelly up and they make their way out the park to the car.

Shane pulls up at Kelly's place and walks her to the door.
Shane- "I had a great time today."
Kelly- "So did I."

Shane- "Oh, here's your bunny."

Kelly- "Thank you."

Shane goes for the kiss and Kelly happily accepts.

Kelly- *smile* "Goodnight."
Shane- "When can I see you again?"

Kelly- "I'll call you."

After they say goodnight.  Kelly goes inside, gets comfortable and calls her sister, Brie.

She lets her know what a good time she had, that he was a gentlemen and how she's looking forward to seeing him again...not sure when, though.  And yes, they kissed on the first date!


  1. Kelly and Shane make a nice couple. I love your pictures especially the ones with the stuffed animals hanging. Very nice!

  2. I agree, adorable couple. Shane is a smooth one...the way he slipped in a kiss while giving her the bunny, Lol. I hope they continue to enjoy each other's company. :-) Live the carnival set up by the way.

    1. Lol Yeah, he played that well. Thanks Tracy.

  3. Hi Adrian! I really liked the walk through the fair! This couple is perfect, very romantic, I liked the kiss he gave the bear in hand! Nice post! A kiss and happy day!

  4. I love the carnival shots. Those oversized animals brought back great memories. And Kelly lives in that house that I just adore.

    1. Oh the memories. The big ones are always so hard to win. :) Thanks Vanessa

  5. I have the same Ryan Ken doll! In my dolly world is gay and loves chatting on Skype with fake straight

  6. Carnival with love... goos idea!

  7. ohmigosh, these scenes were lovely! you put so much detail into them and it looked so real :)
    I think they make a wonderful couple!! I love Kelly's bakery. Shane is quite the gentleman.
    can't wait to see where this goes :)

    1. Thank you! I sure hope they can become a real couple. After this date, Kelly is super interested and would like for it to go far. We'll see. :)

  8. Great story! Loved the carnival scenes; especially the stuffed animals! Shane and Kelly are a great looking pair. Sometimes a kiss is warranted. ;)

  9. Oh and did I see little twist braids in her hair. Also, forgive me for being forward but did she enjoy that kiss?

    1. Lol She did. She was quietly hoping for it. :)

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  12. Hello from Spain: I like Kelly and Shane make a good couple. Nice pictures. Lots of fun. Keep in touch

  13. I love this show.. I love how you set this up. I hope things goes well for them

    1. Thank you Justin. Hopefully Kelly won't wait too long to call.

  14. I really liked the walk through the fair! This couple is perfect, very romantic, I liked the kiss he gave the bear in hand! Nice post! A kiss and happy day! Thanks for the post.
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