In the Boutique Backroom

It's now 2 in the afternoon.  The boutique has just been delivered its new inventory of dresses.  Halle's in the backroom, unpacking and pricing the new items.

Amber gets into work. 

Amber- "There you are."

Halle- "Hey Amber."

Amber- "Need some help?"

Halle- "Yes, but I would like to speak with you first."
Amber- "Oh no."

Halle- "It's just that I'm going to be moving you to sales associate.  So, you'll be working the floor and I'll have to get you trained on the registers."

Amber- "Did I do something wrong?"

Halle- "Of course not, it was my error.  An assistant is just not something I need at this time."

Amber- "Oh...well, working is better than not working.  Sales associate sounds good to me."

Halle- "Thanks for understanding."

Amber- "Sure."

Halle- "Okay, now let's see...these are finish.  Can you take them out?  You can place them on the back wall."

Amber- "Got it."
Halle- "Thanks."

Then she gets back to unpacking.
On The Other Side of Town
Carissa is well rested, but she's still kind of lounging around and decides to sign up for online dating.


  1. Halle seems a little stressed. I think she has had one of those weeks. Tell Carissa that my town has plenty of hot guys if she is looking. LOL I know a couple that would love to take her out on a date.

    1. Oh yes! Your town is crawling with super hot guys. Hmmm...maybe it's time to take a trip. Lol And Halle is definitely having one of those days. She's so ready to get home and snuggle up next to her hubby.

    2. I think she needs to do just that!......

  2. This was good. I'm glad you making more

  3. What happened to Melissa? Will we see her again? I miss her.

  4. Pobre Halle, el trabajo y los problemas personales la tienen esgresada, espero pronto tome un duspiro y se sienta mejor. Me gusta mucho tu tienda, yo intente montar una pero no tengo tantos accesorios, me gusta la gran cantidad de ropa nueva que tienes. Hasta pronto.

    1. Ella es, sin duda teniendo un día muy largo. Ella está tan dispuesto a llegar a casa para relajarse y no pensar en nada por un tiempo. Gracias.

  5. Hello from Spain: I love watching your entire collection of dresses. Fabulous. Carissa is very pretty ... It is better to meet guys in real life than on the internet .. Keep in touch

    1. I agree, it's better to meet guys in person. I guess Carissa's feeling like she hasn't had much luck in person, so she figured she just might meet her dream guy online... or probably not. We'll see. Thanks Marta :)

  6. You know...Carissa could get lucky. Sooo many married couples I subscribe to on YouTube met online. It's a little unfortunate we've turned into a society that doesn't have time to meet & greet but I think some parts of it are worth it. I adore Halle's boutique! The set up is amazing. I'm going to have to take pointers from you dio wise.


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