Kelly and her big sister Brie

Kelly waits impatiently for her sister, so they can go to dinner.
'Knock Knock'

Kelly goes to answer the door.

Kelly- "Well, it's about time."
Brie- "Hello to you too."

Kelly- "Hello Brie, you're late."

Brie- "Sorry sis, last minute thing.  Plus, your new place isn't that easy to find."

Kelly- "Let me grab my purse."

Brie- "Excuse me, can I at least come in and get a tour first?"
Kelly- "There's not much to see."

Brie- "Then it shouldn't take that long."

Kelly- "Okay, well, as you can see, this is the living room."
Brie- "Nice, the sofa looks good in here."

Kelly- "Thank you.  Over here is the kitchen."
Brie- "Wow, very niiice."

Brie- "What's going on here?"
Kelly- "Found the chairs at a vintage shop."

Kelly- "And still on the lookout for a table."
Brie- "Cool."
Kelly- "This way please."
Kelly- "The office."

Brie- "Knowing you, you'll probably be spending most of your time in here.  Such a shame."
Kelly- "This way."

Kelly- "The bedroom."

Brie- "Cute!  Oh, I still want this vanity."
Kelly- "You still can't have it.  Sorry."

Kelly- "And over here is the bathroom."

Brie- "Wow, love your bed."

Kelly- "Thank you, here's the bathroom."

Brie- "Jeez Kelly!  Chill out, I'm coming."

Kelly- "I'm starving!  I should be eating fish and mashed potatoes with a side of strawberry cheesecake right now."
Brie- "We're almost done," then she walks into the bathroom.

Brie- "This is beautiful."
Kelly- "Thank you."

Brie- "Now lets go eat."
Kelly- "Finally."

Brie- "Maybe we can find you a man while we're out there."
Kelly- "Don't start."


  1. Hello from Spain: I love Kelli and Brie. They are very pretty. I love the outfits they are wearing. The house is very nice. I like the white wooden table. I had not seen before pink armchair., I really like. The kitchen is fabulous. I like the fridge in red. The bed is very elegant. Great job decorating. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta! I had fun decorating Kelly's place, even though she still needs a few pieces here and there.

  2. Glad to have you back. Kelly's place is very cute and girlie, love it. :)

    1. Thanks Tracy, that's just the look I was going for! Now, I'm off to search for some girlie accessories.

  3. Brie reminds me of Alex a little bit :)

  4. Hehehe, Big sisters, gotta love em... oh wait... I'm the big sister in my family -_-;;

    Her house is lovely though, although I feel like Brie was shopping, haha.

    1. I feel the same way, Kelly sure knows where to look if anything goes missing. :)

  5. Cute house. Brie may be on to something, there is nothing wrong with Kelly finding a male companion.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Kelly can really use some male companionship. Brie is not giving up.

  6. I love the outfit Kelly is wearing. Do you remember where you got those jeans from?

    1. From the first Twilight Bella doll.

  7. I love Kelly's new place. Such a cute little house. Nice seeing this version of Trichelle.


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