Alex Catches Up With Old Friends

Sarisha walks into Dee and Jay's to work the morning shift (she's usually on nights), five minutes after opening.
Jessie- "I appreciate you coming in."

Sarisha- "Put it in writing.  A nice Christmas bonus will do."
Jessie- *smile* "I'll keep that in mind."

Sarisha- "So, Amber resigned, huh?"
Jessie- "Yeah."

Sarisha- "Is everything okay?"
Jessie- "Things have been better."
At that moment Alex walks into the bar.

Alex- "Sounds like trouble in paradise to me."

Jessie- "Well, look who it is."
Alex- "Hey Jess, hey Sarisha."

Sarisha- "Hey, something to drink?"
Alex- "Just water."

Jessie- "How've you been?"
Alex- "Hanging in there."

Sarisha- "Here you go."
Alex- "Thanks."
Jessie- *teasingly* "Come to see me?"

Alex- "Don't flatter yourself.  I'm meeting someone."

Jessie- "I know him?"
Alex- "Why would you assume it's a him?"

Jessie- "Because it's you."

Alex- "How are you?  I walked in on, things have been better."
Jessie- "Still with Ethan?"

Alex- "Something like that."
Jessie- "He's a good guy."
Alex- "I know, I like him."
Jessie- "You're gonna break his heart."

Alex- "Is the brunette breaking yours?"

Jessie- "Her name is Amber and..."
Before Jessie could finish his thought, he notices another buddy of his waving in their direction.  So, he waves back, while Alex turns to look.

Alex- "It's about time."
Jessie- "Clark?"

Alex- "Excuse me."
She makes her way towards Clark.
Alex- "Please make it quick."

Clark- "Come back with me."
Alex- "You just had to see me for that?  No, I'm not coming back."

Clark- "Look, I'm sorry for how things went, but it's really over this time."

Alex- "I'm staying with your brother."

Clark- "What are you a couple?
Alex- "Not exactly."

Alex- "But, we are extra friendly."

Clark- "What can I do?"
Alex- "I'll call you."

Clark- "When?"
Alex- "I don't know and I have to go."
She walks out of the bar.
Meanwhile, Halle pays a visit to Carissa.

Halle- "This is for you."


  1. Love the bar!

    Alex is a riot. She seems to have the guys eating out of her hands. Lol!

    1. Lol Poor guys! I surely don't think Clark stands a chance.

  2. LOL at Alex being extra friendly. I've missed her.

    1. Lol He didn't need to know all that. Oh Alex. smh :)

  3. Love the way Jesse cocked his head and said "Clark". I could feel his disdain. Love the tv changing action in the background.

    1. I'm hoping that Alex felt it too, but my money's on No! Or perhaps she just doesn't care. Thanks Vanessa :)

  4. Haha! Alex and Halle, complete opposite sisters :P I doubt Alex only came in for a glass of water! She's too entertaining for her own good

    1. Lol With Alex, you know something was up. Just water...Pul-leaze! ;)

  5. Hello from Spain: I also I have the same dress Alex wears. It is a dress LIV. I really like your story. Keep in touch

    1. It's such a cute dress. Thanks Marta!

  6. Hey Adrian, I've been following your stories but have to get caught up on my comment posting. :). The boys' bar looks awesome and Jessie is as handsome as ever. It's kind of a bummer about his relationship but I'm interested to see if Carissa will get another chance to redeem herself. Sarisha is gorgeous! Love seeing how Alex handles men, I admire that in her, LOL.

    Great episode.


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