Dinner with Jessie and Amber

Halle- "That was really uncomfortable."
Dean- "Yeah, that was pretty tense."
A Few Hours Earlier

In the middle of dinner...
Amber- *near tears* "Jessie has asked me to sign a prenuptial."
Jessie- "Amber-"

Amber- "Isn't that horrible?"

Halle- "I-"

Jessie- "Amber, please.  That's a private matter."

Amber- *cries* "You don't believe in us."

Halle- "Here you are sweetie", handing her a napkin.

Amber- *sniff* "Thank you."

Jessie- "I believe in us."

Amber- "You're a liar!"

Jessie- "Honey, what do you want me to do?"
Amber- "Take it off the table."

Jessie- "I'm sorry, but that's not gonna happen."
Amber begins to cry again.

Needless to say, dinner was cut short.
Back to the Present

Halle- "Do you think they're gonna be okay?"
Dean- "Yeah, I think they'll work it out."


  1. on wow, that's a tuff one. The things Amber needs to realize is that Jessie isn't sole owner of the bar and it makes sense him wanting to protect that investment. Hmm...perhaps he can work out a different one that would protect the bar. Good topic.

  2. In this day and age I say prenup for everyone. Divorce rate is too high these days and people change after they get married. She shouldn't take it as a slap against her. It's just a smart thing to do all around. I suggest she have him sign one, too.

  3. I can see it from both perspectives. I get why she's offended, but it's not like he's being pessimistic that their relationship isn't going to work out. He's just trying to protect himself in case something does go wrong. And you really never know how things will turn out in this day and age.

  4. Amber bringing that up at dinner is pretty manipulative. Even though she threw up on him I still think that he and Carissa make a good fit.

    1. I agree, I kinda liked him and Carissa together!

  5. I have to agree with Muff here... that was low to bring up something like that at dinner and try to get people on your side.

    Jessie has good reasons for doing what he's doing... and it only makes me suspicious of Amber.

  6. I Disagree! I Think Jessie and Amber are perfect. They're just taking things little too fast. I Think Carissa will find her perfect man.
    (Yellow Apple Crafts)

  7. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I really like your outfits and your story. It's a very real story. We keep in touch.

  8. Awkward! And so happy you are back.

  9. Amber seems like a cry baby. She needs to suck it up, get a card in her name that is linked to his bank account and carry on. Lol! Prenup...of course where do I sign?

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone! It's cool to see all the different perspectives. As we all know, Amber isn't taken this well, hopefully she's not up to anything and is just a sensitive young lady. Hmmm...we'll see.


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