Olivia Plus Two

In the midst of getting dressed to leave the house, Olivia gets a ring at the door.  She opens it up.
Olivia- "Ma!  What on earth?!"
Belinda- "Well, hello to you too!"
Olivia- *smile* "Hi ma!"
At that moment, her mother's dearest friend, Alina, walks into the door.

Alina- "Hey Miss thing!"

Olivia- "Hey Ms. Alina!"

Belinda- "I hope we're not intruding.  We can stay at a hotel."

Alina- "A hotel?!  We're fine here."

Alina- "Right Olivia?"
Olivia- "Of course."

Belinda- "Were you headed out?"

Alina- "Must be!  You are all dressed up and smelling good!"
Belinda- "A date?"
Olivia- "No, I'm..."

Alina- "What's that you're wearing?"
Olivia- "Uh, Paris Amour by Bath and Body Works."

Alina- "Lovely scent!"
Olivia- "Thank you!"

Belinda- "So, were you going somewhere?"
Olivia- "Yes, to a boutique party."

Belinda- "Okay, well, you continue with your plans and we'll settle in."

Olivia- "You both should come."
Belinda- "We're okay, we've already invaded your space and..."

Alina- "Excuse me, I did not come all the way to New York to sit in the house!"

Belinda- "How about taking a minute to rest?"
Alina- "I got my rest on the plane!"

Belinda- "Well, I guess we'll be joining you."
Olivia- "Okay, we can leave in fifteen minutes."


  1. Ooooh, elegant party time! I'm in!


  2. I love Olivia's hair! Just a few more inches of growth and I might have to try that golden streak in the front of my hair. :)

    Alina is so cute and sassy, love her too. Hope Halle's boutique party is a smash!!

    1. She's definitely working that streak! I've been looking for a good product to add some more shine to her hair, though.


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