A Trip to the Grocery Store

When Halle and Dean arrive at the store, they're pleased to see that it's not as
crowded as they anticipated on a Saturday afternoon.
Dean scans the shelves, while Halle looks for a fresh loaf of bread.
Halle- *to self* "This looks good."

Halle- "Here's the bread", as she places it into the shopping cart.
Dean- "Do you want Corn Flakes?"

Halle- "Rice Krispies."
Dean- "Okay."
Halle- "Can you grab the sliced peaches also?"
Dean- "Gotcha."
Halle- "Thanks."

Halle- "Chocolate!"
Dean- *grin*
Halle- "Chocolate for you babe?"
Dean- "Yeah, I'll take a crunch."
Halle turns to grab the chocolate bars, when she turns back around...

Dean- "Red wine?"
Halle- "Absolutely."
They make their way to the checkout counter after picking up a few more items.
Cashier- "Hello, did you find everything okay?!"
Halle - "We did, thank you!"
 Transaction complete.
Cashier- "Thank you and have a great day!"
Dean- "Thank you, you too."
Halle- "Thank you!"
Now, it's home they go.


  1. Hello from Spain: I love this grocery store. You have a lot of very nice food. I like the shopping cart ... Keep in touch

  2. This was good...you have so much stuff on dolls...I wish I could have too , but in India it's very difficult to find...keep up the nice work...

    1. Thank you and I'm sorry to hear that...

  3. I just can't stop reading these!! Keep up the great work!


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