Home Sweet Home

The couple has made it back from their honeymoon.  After taking time to rest, they decide to tackle the piled up furniture in the front end of the apartment.
They start with the kitchen tables.  Both decide to keep Halle's and donate Dean's to charity.
 Dean- "There."
Halle- "Cool."
 Dean- "Where do you want these?"
Halle- "Closet."
 Halle- "I can take the one on the top."
Dean- "That's okay, I got it."
Halle- "Are you sure?"
Dean- "Yep."
Halle- "Okay."
Dean moves the bins into their bedroom closet, while Halle scans the room to figure out where everything else should go.
Dean re-enters the living room.
 Halle- "What do you think about these in the guest bedroom?"
Dean- *grin* "Just awful."
 Halle- *smile* "Ha ha very funny."
Dean- *jokingly* "Babe, does it really matter."

 Halle- "Yes, your opinion matters."
Dean- *grin* "Yeah right," while picking up the ottoman.
Halle- "Thanks babe."
For the next few hours, they continue to move furniture around and unpack a few boxes.
At the end of it all, Halle and Dean crashed on the sofa, ordered a pizza
and searched for a good thriller to watch on Netflix.



  1. They're so cute together. I love Halle's top! Hmm...wonder if she'll have the place loaded with color? It's always fun to see what happens when us ladies get a hold of an old bachelor's pad. ;)

    1. Her wheels are already spinning. You know Halle loves color, her last place had pretty much every color under the rainbow. :)

  2. Hello from Spain, i like very much this room. Very cool. I like her outfit. Keep in touch

  3. hey amazing work you are such an inspiration..keep posting more...eagerly waiting for next post.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

  4. Great pictures!! They are so gorgeous!

  5. I just love this story! are you planning on letting us see more of deans sports bar in the near future!!

    1. Thanks William! Yes, I have a few upcoming stories in the sports bar. :) Hope you're feeling a whole lot better.


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