The Wedding Night

Dean and Halle make it upstairs to their suite.

Halle- "We did it."
Dean- "How do you feel?"
Halle- "Like the luckiest woman in the world."
Dean- *grin* "Oh yeah?"
Halle- *grin* "Oh yeah."
Halle- "And just a tiny bit exhausted."
Dean- "How about we lay down and just relax for awhile?"
Halle- "Sounds good to me."
Dean gets the bed ready by removing the extra pillows.
On his way back, Halle stops him in his tracks.
Halle- "Here, let's get this off."

Halle- "You know what?"
Dean- "What's that?"

Halle- "I just got an extra boost of energy."
Dean- *slight grin* "Oh yeah?"

Halle- "Umm hmm", while unbuttoning his shirt.

Dean- "How did I get so lucky..."
Dean- "Mrs. Waverly?"
Halle- "Wow, I like the sound of that."

Dean- "I love you."
Halle rolls over on top of Dean.

Halle- "Well, Mr. Waverly..."

Halle- "I love you too."

Dean and Halle finally get some time alone.
♥ The End ♥


  1. Love this couple! The wedding & reception was gorgeous, by the way.

  2. There so cute together. I love ur blog. I wanna read so many of these comics per day. But there are not a lot. Would u please try making some more per day. Thnx! If not, then it's okay. Don't sweat it!

    1. Thank you for reading my stories, I'm glad that you're enjoying them! Everyday might be a stretch, but I'll try to post more frequently. :)


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