My mini Shopping Spree Walmart, Target and Toys R Us!  My first stop was Target where I found these cute small containers from the front sales section of the store.

These are great if your dolls need some extra storage.  They can be used pretty much anywhere; in the  kitchen for groceries, the bedroom for accessories or clothing, the bathroom for toiletries and so on...

The next stop was to Toys R Us, where I found a few of the Liv accessory packs.  At this point, I'm sure everyone knows about the Liv line.  So get them while you can!  I grabbed 2 of the BBQ Time and 1 of the Sweet Dreams packs.

The last stop was Walmart.  These are Christmas tree chandelier ornaments that I picked up for a small remodel of Halle's boutique.  The office got something new, so it just seems fair to give the front end a little pizazz. :)

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!



  1. Great haul! Especially loving the storage containers. :) Can't wait to see the end result of Halle's boutique/office.

  2. Love all your purchases, I'm sure we will soon see them in your wonderful dios!

  3. Woo hoo I love to shop for Barbie scale great buys!

  4. Hello from Spain: I love your purchases. In your city there are shops with many interesting things to Barbies. I love the chandeliers. Keep in touch

  5. I like both finds. I need some chandeliers!


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