Do It Yourself: Flower Arrangement

Hello everyone!  Here's another simple way to make a flower arrangement.
You'll need
scrapbook paper ~ scotch tape ~ scissors ~ floral foam ~ wire cutter ~ silk flowers ~ blade (optional)
Getting started
Take your foam and cut it to your desired size.  I cut mine approximately 2 inches tall and a little over an inch wide.
Now cut your scrapbook paper with enough to go around the foam and leaving just a little extra at the top.
Wrap it around and form it to the size of the foam, cut off any extra paper and tape it down.
Grab the flowers and wire cutter.
Cut as many flowers as you prefer and begin to insert them into the foam.
And you're done!  Kind of...
 I wanted to use this as a table display and it was a bit too long, so I removed the flowers and took my blade and chopped it in half.  That's another great thing about this technique, it's easy to transform.


  1. Very nice tutorial! Thanks! I will definitely do this one.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello from Spain: I did not know you had this blog now. Since I became a follower. The floral arrangement is gorgeous. I've seen your previous posts and the airport and the hotel are awesome. Keep in touch

    2. Hey Marta, I've been moving around a bit, but this is home now. Thanks for commenting and following:)


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