Before & After: Dollhouse

Hey!  Some months ago I purchased this Barbie doll house from the thrift shop and decided to give it a renovation.

As you can see, it came in the purple and pink with a whole lot of stickers.
After taking it apart, removing the stickers with Goo Gone (great product!) and giving it a deep clean, I started the painting process.
Fyi: I also removed all the window frames along with the balcony and front door framing, since I wanted them to remain the same color.  When the paint was dry, the window frames were reattached with an adhesive by Loctite.
Khaki and Espresso spray paint by Krylon Fusion were the two colors used.  Khaki for the body and Espresso for the roof.  Oh, and a small amount of red for the mailbox.
Inside was also painted with Khaki and the floors were finished off with hardwood style shelf/drawer liners by Magic Cover.
I am in the process of working on another home like this one for a family in the Dollies Series.  Still thinking about a color.  So, stay tuned!


  1. You are missed! <3 So happy to see posts from you again Adrian. Seriously! *hugs*

  2. This is beautiful!! I gave my house like this to a dolly friend mine less than a month ago : ( and now you post this. It was in my garage forever. She found one at a thrift store and kept talking about mine and hers...making comparisons. Finally, I told her that she could just have it. Mine was in the better shape (not as good as yours), but her elevator still worked. I believe she is going to use both for bits and pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Adrian. Like Cat said, you are missed. Wasn't there a summer wedding in the works? Maybe it'll be a fall wedding. I love fall weddings. All of my favorite colors are showcased and the beautiful trees and leaves... I digress. lol The paint job came out very nice. I like that color on victorian homes. Looking forward to the furnishings and decorations.

  4. Adrian, you did a fabulous job on this house. I love all the colors and "flooring" used. I can't wait to see it decorated and lived in :O)

  5. Hey ladies!! Thanks for all the comments:)♥ Well, rl happened and now I'm playing catch up.

    It's a little tough to say this... I no longer own this house. But, I was lucky enough to find another one that I'll be working on after the wedding. ZDollCloset, I'm still going for the summer wedding. They are getting married this summer lol

  6. Your dollhouse is amazing! I love the colours you used. Does not look like a barbie house, looks like a real it !!!


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