Airport and Bridal Shop

So, I'm getting back into the swing of things and these are a few setups I've been working on.  They're for the upcoming episodes in the Dollies Series.
The airport waiting/boarding area.

The bridal shop, where Halle has a way overdue appointment!  I'm getting there :)



  1. I love what I am seeing. You have inspired me to get together and create!!

  2. I love it Adrian! It is amazing how you used very few props in the airport dio, but you totally captured it to the tee. The bridal shop s nice as well.

  3. Thanks ladies! Now it's on to the next one lol

  4. Amazing! You make it look so easy to create things like this but I would probably get into a fight with the glue...and the glue would win. ;)

  5. you are amazing miss adrian!!!!! will dean and halle ever hav kids?? i bet they would be adorable!!

    1. Aww, thank you!! They do plan to have kids sometime in the future. :D


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