Dermatologist Office Room Tour

There isn't a whole lot going on in this room, but I wanted to provide a room tour.
It may offer some tips and ideas.

This is where Melissa Middlebrooks works and she's been
working as a dermatologist for over seven years.

Two of the walls are covered with scrapbook paper and the third is the bare foam board, which was used to construct the room.

The desk was a do it yourself and the chair is from the 'Barbie Dinner To Dessert Dining Set' spray painted white.

Wall painting was printed, cut out and taped up.

The door is a piece of foam board and the table was wood glued together from 5 small pieces of wood scraps, then painted.

Finally, the counter is a recipe box (picked up from the thrift shop!), covered with a sheet of scrapbook paper and a slice of foam board placed on top.

The scrapbook paper and foam board were both glued on using a glue stick.


  1. I love how the door was constructed against that wall. I need to do one for a diorama I am working on. I was thinking of printng one, but this one would cost me nothing since I have what I need to make it happen. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great job!!! Love how it looks!!!!

  3. Hello from Spain: thank you for telling how to make the jump from the dermatologist consultations. The truth is that I was beautiful. Everything is very elegant and beautiful. I will copy some idea
    Keep in touch

  4. So clean and crisp and fantastic looking!!!!

  5. I like it and agree with Heather, crisp and clean! I would ask if you store your diorama sets or leave them up? I am running out of space for thinks and need to store.

    1. Thanks Ms. Leo! I'm starting to have the same problem. I've been leaving them up in my living room, so I've decided to get a few shelves built and store them in my garage.

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