The Waverlys

The gang is all here! So, I decided to do a quick photo shoot introducing Dean's family.

His father Miles, mother Naava and little sister Delilah.

Law student sister and part-time model.

Lawyer mom.

Investor dad.

Thanks for looking. ♥


  1. Dean seems to have gotten his good looks from both sides. You paired the family up well.

  2. Very nice family! They work really well together.

  3. hey hey hey!! i love love love your show!! i think you paired the dolls families up very nice!! This show is sooo realistic!!!!! I check your blog for new stuff everyday!!! Please please please keep updating whats going on with the newly weds!!!! And it would be totally huge!! if they had a baby!!!!!!!!! thanks!! ur awesome miss adrian! Bye bye bye!!

    1. Awwww, thank you Juanice! You are AWESOME! :D I'm truly touched by your comment. I'll do my best to keep updates coming and as for a baby, that would be HUGE! I want them to have a baby too! I'm just not sure if they're ready yet, so it might be awhile. We'll see.:) Thanks again!


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